We offer a wide-range of services to suit your needs

A Lambert-Tatman service can be as simple or as elaborate as one might prefer. Just as each person is unique, so should their final tribute be.Our purpose is to provide guidance so that the memorial is reflective of the life lived. We will offer suggestions to personalize the service,thus creating a memorable "celebration of life" tribute for family and friends.
Some of the many services and products that we can assist you with are:

Traditional Services. Most families in our area prefer what has become known as a "traditional service". This usually involves having a visitation at the funeral home and a ceremony at the church or funeral home. There are many variations of this type service. For example, some might prefer the visitation and ceremony all in one day. Others might prefer to have a visitation and a simple gravesite ceremony; while others may prefer to have a ceremony without any visitation. Remember, we are here to provide guidance for the type service you prefer.

Cremation Services. If your choice should be for cremation, we will be glad to assist you. Our cremation services are unique in that a licensed funeral director directly oversees the entire process. This comforting service actually costs no more and provides complete peace of mind for the family that has chosen cremation. There are many alternatives for those preferring cremation. Some prefer to have a visitation, allowing family and friendsan opportunity to express their support, their grief, their love, and their condolences. Whether, or not, there is a visitation, we recommend some type of a "celebration of life" or memorial service which can be held before or after the cremation. The memorial service can be religious or non-religious, at the funeral home, at the gravesite, at the church or other place of worship, at the family farm or just about anywhere that would be meaningful for the family. Others might prefer a direct cremation without any type of visitation or memorial. We invite you to stop in and speak with one of our experienced owners about the type of service that would be best for you.

Caskets, Urns, Burial vaultsand Monuments. We guarantee that regardless of the economic situation, we will provide a price selection for every family. We have a local

warehouse, with immediate delivery, thus assuring that we have as large a selection as is possible. We offer a complete line of caskets, which can be made of bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel, solid hardwoods or wood products. We offer a complete line of cremation urns made of wood, metal, marble, and man-made materials.

These range in price assuring the affordability for every family.We provide burial vaults made of reinforced concrete with various typesof liners, as well as, steel, stainless steel and copper vaults. There are no legal requirements that you purchase a burial vault. However, many cemeteries require that if you do not use a vault, you must use a grave liner. These are also provided by Lambert-Tatman Funeral Home. We can also assist youwith your monument or marker purchase, or in the event you already havethe monument, we can arrange for the engraving of the death date.

Aftercare Services. Since we are locally owned, we care about our community and the families that we serve. That is why we are available for guidance before the funeral, at the funeral providing unmatched professional service, and yes, even after the service, we are there for your family. We are glad to provide advice and assistance to those who need help with advance planning, estate planning or with the many decisions involved in probate and closing estates. We will be glad to recommend an attorney if you should require one. We will also provide you with a list of professional counselors, should you feel the need. Wecan also offer help for those who cannot afford the services of a professional psychologist. We can assist you with applying for social security and veterans benefits. One of the Lambert-Tatman professionals will be glad to drive you to the local office and, if you wish, stay by your side for guidance and comfort. There is no charge for any of the post funeral services that we provide.

Advance Planning. One of the kindest things one can do for their family is to have the arrangements made in advance. Prearrangement is an important step in getting your affairs in order. It can be just as important as a will. It is especially important should you experience an extended nursing home stayand/or apply for financial assistance. Preplanning can be as simple or as extensive as you care to make it. The very basic plan includes simplylisting biographical information and preferences as to the type of service and merchandise. This record is kept in our confidential files until the time of need. There is absolutely no charge for this service. Many choose to take the next step and provide the funding. With a Lambert-Tatman plan, you can set aside funds for your funeral, so survivors aren't faced with financial decisions. Convenient monthly payments or one lump sum payment can be arranged.